The Barry County Sheriff's Office Administration Division is located at 505 East Street, Cassville, Missouri, next to the Barry County Jail.

The Sheriff is Danny Boyd. He oversees all county law enforcement personnel, including deputies, detectives, corrections officers, and the administration staff.

The Chief Deputy is Major Angela Cole; she is also known as the Under-Sheriff. She oversees the county deputies and their duties.


The administration office currently has three full-time employees: Executive Administrator Kathy Emo; Civil Process Clerk Charlotte Olson-Reed; and Administrative Assistant Danna Miller.

The Executive Administrator coordinates: all clerical and record keeping responsibilities for the Sheriff's Office; directly manages all bank accounts for bond and civil monies collected; keeps records and billing on all active grants and government contracts; remits monthly settlements to the County Treasurer for all monies collected; handles all personnel records, UCR reporting, and serves as the Sheriff's Secretary.

The Civil Process Clerk is responsible for processing Civil Process that comes into the office, including Orders of Protection, Summonses, Subpoenas, and Garnishments.

The Administrative Assistant helps maintain criminal reports, answers phones, and processes and maintains Conceal and Carry Permits, as well as registering sex offenders within the county. The Administrative Assistant is also responsible for maintaining, tracking, and filing paperwork that comes into the Sheriff's Office from the County Jail.


The Barry County Sheriff's Office serves an average of 400 papers every month. Papers served include Orders of Protection, Subpoenas, Summonses, and Garnishments.

There is a $30.00 fee per defendant served for civil papers, plus mileage for serving the paper in Barry County. Use the link below to see the mileage fees for the different cities in the county.  

There are no fees for Criminal service.

2020 service and mileage fees





Conceal and Carry Permits are processed in the Administration Office, Monday through Friday, 8am-3:30 pm (excluding state and federal holidays). When applying for a Conceal and Carry Permit, you will need the following items:

              Certificate of Firearms Safety Training Course
              Driver's License with current address
              Permit fee (see below)

Here are the fees for the type of permits we issue:
              New permit:                                               $100
              Renewal:                                                   $50
              Reissue (due to loss, new address, etc.): $10
              Transfer from out of state, reciprocal :      $78.75

It will take up to six weeks to process your first permit application. Upon completion, you will be called to pick up your permit; there is no need to contact the office before then.


If you have a change of residence or a name change, or it is lost or destroyed, you must notify the Sheriff's Office within thirty days in order to update your permit.


You should not expect to be notified when your permit is due for renewal. Conceal and Carry Renewals may be done within the month your expiration but no sooner. If you fail to renew before expiration date you will be charged an additional $10.00 fee per month for each month it is expired, up to $50.00 extra. After ten months, you will be required to start the process over again for a new Conceal & Carry permit.


Missouri accepts most other state's conceal and carry permits. If you are from out of state and need to transfer your permit to Barry County, please call our office to verify that your state's permit is transferable. If we can transfer the permit, you will need to bring in your current permit, your Certificate of Qualification, state issued identification (with current address), and your transfer fee.

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