Calls for Service & Reports Taken 3/15/21 thru 3/21/21

                          Barry County Sheriff's Office
                               3/15/2021 to 3/21/2021
The Barry County Sheriff's Office responded to 253 calls for service
from 3/15/2021 thru 3/21/2021. The following reports were filed during this week.

Date      Offense -Address
3/15/21 Domestic Assault  -Washburn
3/15/21 Stealing  -Cassville
3/15/21 Missing Person  -Shell Knob
3/15/21 Stealing  -Cassville
3/15/21 Trespassing  -Verona
3/15/21 Trespassing  -Cape Fair
3/15/21 Domestic Assault-2nd Degree  -Wheaton
3/15/21 Domestic Assault - 3rd Degree  -Eagle Rock
3/15/21 Armed Criminal Action  -Cassville    
             Delivery or Possession of Weapon
             in a county jail
             Unlawful Use of a Weapon
3/16/21 Burglary 2nd Degree/Stealing  -Aurora
3/16/21 Forgery  -Washburn
3/16/21 Domestic  -Cassville
3/17/21 Death Investigation  -Eagle Rock
3/17/21 Harassment 1st Degree  -Exeter
3/17/21 Assault 1st Degree  -Exeter
             Armed Criminal Action
             Trafficking Drugs/Possession of
             Controlled Substance
             Unlawful Use of a Weapon
3/18/21 Information Report  -Eagle Rock
3/18/21 Domestic  -Seligman
3/18/21 Stealing  -Monett
3/18/21 Intoxicated Person  -Eagle Rock
3/18/21 Property Damage 2nd Degree  -Jenkins
             Violation of an Exparte
3/18/21 Verbal Domestic Assault  -Cassville
3/19/21 Possession of Controlled Substance  -Cassville
3/19/21 Other Agency Assist  -Shell Knob
3/19/21 Stealing  -Eagle Rock
3/19/21 Suicidal Subject  -Washburn
3/19/21 Trespassing 2nd Degree Cassville
3/20/21 Disturbance  -Wheaton
3/20/21 Stealing-Motor Vehicle  -Cassville
3/20/21 Domestic Disturbance  -Exeter
3/21/21 Domestic Disturbance  -Eagle Rock
3/21/21 Found Property  -Cassville
3/21/21 Theft  -Cassville

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