Man Enters Home Near Golden, Mo


On Tuesday, August 19th at 08:00 a.m., the Barry County Sheriff's Office received a call from a female stating that a man was trying to get in her residence and possibly had a weapon. When Sheriff Mick Epperly ,Deputy Bill Watkins and Deputy Cole, Detective Terry Meek arrived they spoke with the homeowner who stated that someone had been in his RV, which was located beside the residence. Sheriff Mick Epperly and Deputy Watkins searched the RV and found no one. After they finished searching the RV, they heard the owners truck running in his garage. Sheriff Epperly spotted someone inside the house at the patio door. Officer Watkins entered the residence while Sheriff Epperly watched the back door. They located the suspect in a closet. According to Sheriff Epperly, 60 year old Lewis Coker was taken into custody without any further incident. Sheriff Epperly stated that the suspect Lewis Coker had apparently been dropped off in the Kings Cross Lane area in Golden, Mo the night before. Coker apparently entered the RV that was on the property located at 28765 Kings Cross Lane, where he stayed the night. At approximately 7:45 am this morning, Mr. Coker had approached the back door of the residence at 28765 Kings Cross Lane, he spoke with the female homeowner and asked her if her husband was at home. She stated no, and he asked her if she was the owner of the RV. He then asked her if someone else lived there and she stated no. He then told her that he was with the Sheriff's Department and to let him in. She stated that Coker reached into the back band of his pants and she thought he was pulling out a weapon. She then grabbed her car keys and ran to the garage. She started her car and pulled out as Coker was running to the front of the house to try to stop her from leaving. After she got away, Coker returned to the house and started ransacking the residence. He went into the garage and was loading up the owners truck with items from the house. He had started the truck at some point after the owner left and before officers arrived. When Coker saw Sheriff Epperly, Deputies Watkins and Cole approach the house he ran and hid in a closet, where he was arrested without incident. Sheriff Epperly stated that Coker who has an extensive prior criminal history is being held in the Barry County Jail and that they are asking for charges of Burglary 1st Degree, Tampering 2nd Degree with a motor vehicle, Stealing, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and False Impersonation.



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